Spektrometr NICOLET iS10 Spektrometr NICOLET iS10

Amber Laboratory

We would like to encourage everyone to check the authenticity of their amber and amber products at the one and only spectrometer in Cracow, which is one of the three spectrometers used for that purpose in Poland.

Currently, recognising natural amber is causing more and more difficulties, and at the same time, fakes are becoming better and better, thus more and more difficult to recognise. It is not only the end users, but also jewellery shop and salon owners who become victims of those dishonest practices, as they don't have access to equipment testing and verifying the authenticity of amber.
Such equipment - a reliable, modern NICOLET iS10 spectrometer - is already available at the Amber Laboratory by the Amber Museum, currently being created in Cracow, in 2 Jana Street. The opening of the museum is scheduled for July 2013. The tests are confirmed with a special certificate, signed by the Amber Portal amber.com.pl.

Market price for the test and issuing the certificate is 50 PLN.

We will dispel the doubts of those who buy amber, and those who sell it.

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The Amber Museum is located in the heart of Cracow, in the immediate neighbourhood of the Market Square.

We would like to invite everyone to visit us, we are open all week, from 9 am to 8 pm.

Admission free.

Please arrange group visits in advance, so we are able prepare for your visit properly.