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We cordially invite you to a free tour of the exhibition at the Amber Museum.

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   On 21-24 March 2018, the 25th International Amber, Jewelery and Jewelery Gemstones Fair AMBERIF was held for the 25th time. It is an extraordinary event, gathering artists, producers and businessmen in one place - the most important personalities of the amber world.

     AMBERIF is the largest jewelry exhibition in Central and Eastern Europe. At the same time, it is one of the most important industry events in the world. The beginnings of AMBERIFU date back to the autumn of 1994, when the first edition of the fair took place. 49 exhibitors took part in it. At that time, several dozen traders from abroad gathered, as well as a large group of amber collectors. From year to year, the fair attracted an increasing number of amber sympathizers. This year's jubilee edition was attended by over 470 exhibitors from 15 countries: Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Estonia, France, India, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Turkey, Great Britain, Italy, the United States, as well as Poland. These were not only large jewelry companies, but also small studios.

     The fair is accompanied by numerous workshops and exhibitions and a scientific symposium, this year under the name Symposium Amber. Science & Art. The aim was to present the state of current research on amber in four main trends: "Traces of life in amber", "Stylistics and technology of processing amber products in the III-I millennium BC: local and interregional perspective", "The most important information about research properties of amber and current aspects of amber mining ", as well as AMBER LOOK trends & styles' myths, collections and fashion, where the gathered audience could see collections prepared in combination of Polish fashion designers and amber jewelery makers. competitions: Amberif Design Award and Gedanensis.

     The AMBERIF fair is of an industry nature. They are available to people and companies associated with amber industry, jewelery, trade and the production of jewelry and goldsmiths, with services and marketing related to art and the jewelery industry. Therefore, the AMBERIF Fair has been an object of interest for both Borunia Gallery and the Amber Museum for many years.

     In our galleries you will find the best quality amber products, and qualified staff will be happy to answer any questions about amber, its origin, varieties or modifications. By selling amber jewelery, we propagate knowledge about amber among Polish clients as well as from many different corners of the world. The confirmation of the above words is the title of the Amber of the Year 2012 for the owner of the Borunia, Amber Museum and amber Museum website. Amber Museum and Portal - Tomasz Mikołajczyk for long-term commercial activity in the amber industry and trade diligence as well as amber promotion through the Amber Portal.

     Soon, on the shelves of our showrooms, unique products inspired by the latest trends and technologies in jewelery design will be presented, as well as classic ones with timeless designs. We invite you!


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Welcome in our Summer Garden.

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"There definitely should be more meetings like this, where the participants can find out more about amber" - agreed the participants of the workshop "How Not to Buy a Pig in a Poke, That Is Recognising Amber Fakes" which took place on January 24th at the Amber Museum in Cracow.

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