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  • 01Natural Amber

    At the Amber Museum we share amber - the most beautiful thing we've got. We have gathered unique exhibits that show natural beauty of amber and prove its uniqueness, as well as providing valuable information about amber creation and the history of its treatment. The exhibits will also make one more sensitive to amber beauty and variety of its forms and hues. It will become clear here, why amber is the most beautiful of all stones.

  • 02A Unique Place

    Right in the heart of Cracow, on over 250 m2 we have created a modern Amber Chamber. In its elegant interiors there are exhibits borrowed from the Earth Museum by the Polish Academy of Sciences. They are telling the fascinating history of amber. In the museum shop, on the other hand, the tradition is mixed with modernity - from classic amber beads, through incredibly feminine necklaces or bracelets, to unique sculptures and usable objects.

  • 03The Amber Laboratory

    Our mission is not only education, but also taking care of purity of Baltic amber. This is why we have created the Amber Laboratory, where on a modern and reliable spectroscope one can check whether a particular product has been made of authentic Baltic amber.

  • 04The Amber Centre

    It happens that the love for amber sometimes grows slowly, though we know that it is inevitable to happen. Therefore we will make sure that there are many reasons to visit the Museum often, throughout the year. We would like to invite everyone to visit temporary exhibitions, lectures, presentations, workshops and courses. You can also relax with a cup of delicious coffee and "amber" reading in our reading room.



Amber Museum

...z pasji do bursztynu

ul. Świętego Jana 2
31-018 Kraków


We are open all week
9.00 - 21.00
Free entry